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Date: 2017
Title: Renaissance Motifs in Jozef Ciller’s Shakespearean Scenographies
Author: Inštitorisová Dagmar
Description: Employing a comparative method, the present study explores the Renaissance expression of Jozef Ciller’s Shakespearean scenographies. Based on an analysis of preserved archival material (scenographic proposals, photographs from productions, video recordings, reviews, etc.) and personal communication with Jozef Ciller, the author examines how he transposed general features of European Renaissance (visual arts, architecture) into individual scenographic solutions. The author’s analysis also aims to identify how Ciller worked with the architecture and scenography of Elizabethan theatre Renaissance and observe his work with Renaissance elements depending on whether a scenography was meant for indoors or outdoors. The author concludes that Jozef Ciller employs Renaissance elements as motifs to preserve the awareness of man’s Renaissance spirit and greatness.
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