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Date: 2004
Title: Zum Indien-Abschnitt der mittelalterlichen Solin-Paraphrase des Theodericus
Author: Gärtner, Thomas
Description: The present article examines the exact relationship between the prose of Solinus and the medieval versifications by Theodericus and the author of De monstris Indie (Jakobi has shown De monstris Indie as beingdependent on Theodericus). A close analysis of the different rhyming and elision techniques adopted by Theodericus and the redactor of De monstris Indie helps to emend some passages. The redactor of De monstris Indie is demonstrated not only as having abbreviated the text of Theodericus in many cases, but also as having inserted an interpolation in one instance. Furthermore, the transmitted text of Theodericus itself seems to have undergone some redactional changes. Finally, it is shown that the significance of allusions to classical Latin writers must not be underrated, even in obviously mediocre medieval Latin versifications such as the specimen under examination here.
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