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Date: 2022
Title: Aleydis of Schaarbeek
Author: Stoop, Patricia
Publisher: Frankfurt a.M.: AMAD
Citation: Patricia Stoop, Aleydis of Schaarbeek (2. überarbeitete Fassung), in: Dictionary of Cistercian Saints, hrsg. von Mirko Breitenstein, Jörg Sonntag und Alkuin Schachenmayr, Frankfurt am Main: AMAD, 2022. DOI:
Abstract: This biographical article about a Cistercian saint is part of the Dictionary of Cistercian Saints (DCS). Currently in preparation, this reference work contains articles about all the saints and beati belonging to the Cistercian, Trappist, and Feuillant movements, among others. The DCS will cover the entire time-range of Cistercian history to the present day.
License: CC0
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