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Date: 2016
Title: Dante Alighieri and Exile
Author: Bülent AYYILDIZ
Description: Exile is one of the concepts that can be traced throughout the history of humanity. The impact of exile can be seen on every single moment of human life. Especially in literature, exile appears not only as a story of a struggle but also as an inspirational concept. Therefore, exile is very important for writers and artists and, thus has a signicant role in shaping the human thought and art. The concept of exile in Western literature has a very long standing history, having its origins in antiquity. One of the most important exiled writers of Western literature is no doubt Dante Alighieri, who is one of the most signicant poets of Italian and world literature. He had a leading role with his thoughts, writings and especially with his monumental work "The Divine Comedy" for the society and artistis. For Dante Alighieri, who was exiled from his own city Florence and who led hard life, exile is quite important and can in fact be regarded as a theme that is inherent in his poetry. The aim of this study is to examine the trace of exile in Dante Alighieri's way of thinking and to show the psychological, literary and social impacts of exile on the poet.
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