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2018Nuns, Textiles, and Reform in the Middle AgesButler, K. Bevin
2018Christ, Mary, and the Saints: Reading Religious Subjects in Medieval and Renaissance SpainTwomey, Lesley; Beresford, Andrew M.
2018Thinking in Hieroglyphic Images: from the Renaissance Hermetic tradition through the Avant-garde to Contemporary artRoger Ferrer-Ventosa
2018Die Farb- und Tintenrezepte des Cod. germ. 1 der Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Hamburg und ihre VorlagenHeiles, Marco
2017Triangular (and alternative) connections from Mediterranean Renaissance to Southern Raphaelism. Koiné-effect, frontier-artists, and longshore protagonistsMaria Vittoria Spissu
2017Microorganisms and the integrated conservation-intervention process of the renaissance mural paintings from Casas Pintadas in Évora – Know to act, act to preserveMara Silva; Tânia Rosado; A. Teresa Caldeira; José Pestana; José Mirão; Milene Gil; António Candeias; Luís Dias
2017Bild und Text in Heinrich von Redens „Preußischer Chronik“ 1553 – Bewusstsein und Identität in königlich Preußen zur Mitte des 16. JahrhundertsHoltmann, Ansgar
2017Renaissance Motifs in Jozef Ciller’s Shakespearean ScenographiesInštitorisová Dagmar
2017Materials and building techniques in Mugello from the Late Middle Ages to the Early Modern AgeAndrea Arrighetti
2017Bricks and tiles. In: Engl, R, 'Where there's muck there's money: The excavation of Medieval and Post-Medieval Middens and associated tenement at Advocate's Close, Edinburgh'. Scottish Archaeology Internet Report 67Haggarty, George